You can make these amazing candle jars with just tissue paper

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When long rainy autumn days and evenings start hitting, days become shorter and more boring you’ll wonder what you can do next that can be entertaining both for your child and for yourself, as a parent. A good way to not give in to the moody blues of rainy days is to actually get absorbed in making something. Recycling your material to transform it into arts and crafts is also highly rewarding as you give a new life to your unwanted stuff.

This craft is perfect for children from 3 years old and up as it doesn’t require too many skills. It’s also a great occasion for family bonding as the parents dive in. And who knows; maybe once you’ve finished making it, you’ll have a really good piece of decoration to display proudly in your home! The cheerful colours of the jars as they’re lit up will warm your heart up!

What you’ll need to make the tissue paper candle jars:

Step one: cut the tissue paper into different shapes – triangles, squares, anything you fancy. We found that rectangular geometrical shapes worked better than rounded ones for the stained glass element.

work in progress

Step two: using the brush, add some glue to the jars in thin layers.

Step three: start adding the pieces of tissue paper. Try to find colours and shapes that match. You can superpose complimentary colours for an enhanced effect and to add some variety. Wait for it to dry a little.

Step four: make a handle with the garden wire. Take the length of garden wire, put a loop in one end and start to thread on the beads until you have enough to form a handle. Try to choose beads that match or complement the colours of the paper. Wrap the unbeaded section of wire around the neck of the jar and twist it to attach. Undo the looped end and thread this under the wire at the opposite side, pulling it through until just the beaded section is on show. Finally twist both ends of the wire tightly and carefully cut off any extra.

knotting the wire on the jars


You can add some sand (if you have any handy) in the bottom of the jar and carefully place and lit your candle (needless to say little ones shouldn’t be left unsupervised to do so). We didn’t use any sand and the results were still pretty good:

multicoloured stained glass jars

multicoloured jar


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  • Little B & Me

    Oh darling!
    B would absolutely love doing something like this. I’m going to show him this later & see what he thinks.

    Thank you so much for sharing ♡

  • Laura

    These look so cool! I’m going to make some to go with my living room.

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